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Every so often I put a status on facebook and it starts BIG debates.  Last time it was about PETA using porn as a device for anti-meat campaigning and I ended up with over 100 comments, by the end I was ignoring them and letting people argue away because I got a bit fed up, so I’m intrigued to see how this goes!

Basically, I made a comment about how much I hate Katy Perry, and got a few inherently sexist comments back.  Basically, the guys replying were decent people who I’d consider to be fairly open minded (Well, Alex anyway, Luke I find quite creepy, I’m actually gradually screenshot-ing comments I’ve sent to him via facebook messenger so that one day I can compile them and show them to anyone who says I’m too nice, because if I’m honest I’m a right bitch to him most of the time.)  and I feel like this shows a lot about our society.  Here’s someone I respect and don’t find generally offensive who still makes a comment like that.  It just shows that there is still a big divide between concepts of male and female sexuality.  A woman enjoying casual sex?  Surely not.  What a skank.  A man enjoying casual sex?  Well!  that’s just natural isn’t it?  Women’s lib may have come along leaps and bounds but there are still fundamental assumptions ingrained into society that need fixing.

Also, I need to stop thinking that I can’t tell people that I disagree with them just because they’re my friends, because that makes me just as bad.

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