Blog of a veggie lady who can't stay in one place for too long, loves to dumpster dive, loves to craft and can rant about feminism for hours! Just little notes and photos from my travels and the qwirky, fun, arty and ridiculous things I've seen! (and things I've found in bins.)

I went to a fantastic Zine Fest at The Women’s Library at London Met.  It was really fantastic and inspirational.  There was a hall of people selling and trading zines, I met some really fantastic people.  One said I should contribute a few pages to their zine “Storm in a Teacup” and told me all about the Craftivist Collective and Climate Rush, two collectives which use craft as a form of activism.  I also got given a free zine all about Jesus Son Bryan, which someone gave me because I giggle at it so much!  I spent way too much money on some of the zines, the artwork and content of some were just fantastic!  They were holding a lot of different workshops.  I went to the comic drawing one.  I’ve been to a lot of comic workshops, but this is the only one that’s only really made sense to me!  A lot have been all about planning your comic, having a story and have it all set out before you start it.  I can’t plan things well so this was always problematic.  This workshop was much more accessible, it was run by the fantastic Rachel House and Jay Bernard (whose work I recently saw in a magazine and really likes.)  This workshop was much more accessible and told us that anyone of any age from anywhere can make a comic about any thing with any materials. It was really exciting and ever since I’ve been drawing away!  Rachel House also had a “Feminist Disco” project at the Zine Fest.  It was all about getting people to draw feminist’s on cardboard plates and taking them around the country!  There was a spray painting workshop run by 2 Aussie girls.  I used to do a lot of spray paint work but haven’t for a long time, so it was nice to get back in to it.  There was a cross stitch workshop with Lisa Sleeps, who just released an album and cross stitch packs to go with it.  She’s now teaching cross stitch across the country to promote her album.  It worked!  I brought one even though I hadn’t heard her band before!

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